Cost Reduction

Why the TRI-DPC Network is right for employers... now

DPC option may give employees and dependents increased access to primary and urgent care services, from the same provider at no cost, and may provide access to no-cost or low-cost basic labs and prescription drugs as well. Employees may also have lower absenteeism rates, because DPC appointments can generally be scheduled at almost any time and wait times at the office are usually shorter. Key challenges for employers interested in offering a DPC option include the relatively limited number of DPC practices and the geographic dispersion of employees and dependents.”

— Millman Report, Society of Actuaries 2010

Testimonials : 

"I, for one, am thrilled with the service. I’ve had 2 appointments and another one is booked in a couple weeks. Dr. Frank is relaxing, welcoming and thorough.

 Thank you for this benefit!